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We are all addicted

So, today i want to write my minds about some problems of society, it's addictions to something bad, so, in my minds i found this:

  • sugar
  • our memories
  • social media
  • drugs
  • coffeine
  • alcohol
  • tabaco
  • too much art
  • Internet
  • too much learning
  • Many peoples imagine addicted peoples as peoples, that lose control on yourself with hard drugs, and some of them said a bad things about this peoples, like they are don't have future, but some part of this poples tha same time can browse social media for hours with smartphone, every morning drink cofe, and do things like this. I think, that is big problem, becuse things like tabaco - it's the same drug, and it should be illegal too, because it's addicted, but tabaco-companies make all, to don't reach this, some can say "Just try vape or something", but i don't think, that is the same helpful for all, because i can tell you a stroy from my father: He's co-worker using vapes, but when it's stop working, he is ask to give him cigaratte with words "It's not the same feelings". So, i think every of us need help, if you understand, that can't beat addiction yourself. And drug-addicted peoples can do something really big - just remember Korn band, or any other band from 90s and 2000s, a lot of peoples of that time had addiction, and they are beat it.

    All other things


    It's the most small-addictive thing, because it's easy to drop this (tessted on yourself). I start with drinking tea(It's addictive too, but i replace tea with just drop 3-4 mint leafs in hot water) without sugar, than i start to eat less sugar (but now come back to this), the hardest thing, it's if you live not alone, other peoples from your family or friend eat it, and make food with sugar, buy cola, and other food, that contain sugar.

    Our Memories

    It's individual thing for peoples, but as for myself, it's hard to leave my memories. This problems don't give you possability to move forward, as example, i have 20GB of our family photo/video archive, all this being collected for 15-17 years, so it's a lot of photos, some of them it's nowuseless things, but it's hard to sort all this. But, i have USB Flash Drives, where i store this, it's not all time on my HDD. Our memories also don't give us possability to like something new, like new music or new films, and i agree, that film like The Blues Brothers is better, than today's comedy, that usually make jokes on awful things, or Queens of the Stone Age, that make albums for years, than musicaints, that drop new album every few years, but we need understand - that something new - it's not the same, that being 20-40 years before.

    Social Media

    The best way to scare peoples of 21st century, "I don't have Instagram" :D. And just imagine, thausand millions peoples use it every day, some of them check it evey hour, some check it every 5 minuites, and this a big problem, becuase all of this websites make our want to check them, we are scare to lose something "important", and this poples have a thausands of subscriptions on brand and peoples, that they are don't know, it's not bad, when some musical band make some news about new albums, or post photos of recording process, but all of them can do this on their's personal website, or maybe for someone being better to read it in RSS (personally, RSS feed also can make us only to consume, and don't understand this). Also, now social media - it's messangers, with a really little functional, like in Twitter you cannot edit or delete already sent message, or Facebook have messanger, that as i understand connected with Instagram. Youtube, it's the same example, have recommendation, that we are use for years, and now cannot migrate to other platfroms, because our favorite don't have personal videohosting (like PeerTube instance, or upload videos on persoanl website), so the best way - download all our videos with youtube-dl, they are can be 100-200GB size.


    Now it's so funny to understand, that peoples, that laugh on me 5-8 years ago, because i like computers, and call me "nerd", a lot peoples thinks, that i sit in computer 24/7 and only play videogames (because here computer being associated with videogame only, i live in countryside), now, when technology come here, all of that people do the same things as me, but now he is really waste all time in videogames and social media, and now i'm not "nerd", i'm a "Programmer". So, i use Internet almost every day starting from the 2013-2014, and i found some cool peoples, that have the same interests as me, it's hard to find in countryside programmes or something like this, and, now i just can't drop Internet for a long time, like month, because i love to contact with my friends, and the best solution - live near they, but some of them in central Europe, some in East, and some in Asia.

    Too much learning

    Some peoples know a really big ammount of information, and they are learn it every day, because they are fear of being "dumb", and, i being on the same problem, in my life tips article i said, that is good "to learn something small, but every day", and now i don't know, is i right, maybe, yes, because something small - it's now big ammount of data, but at the end you are feeling, that you are need more, now i just want t said "Live life, not learn too much, because you remember only important for yourself things".

    Requiem for a Dream

    So, if we talk about some addictions here, i watch some movie, called Requiem for a Dream, and released in 2000, and this is really shocking film, it's film shows four peoples, that cannot stop from their's addictions to drugs, and now they are on the bottom of society. So sad, that in our society peoples have possability to become like this. If you think, that you can watch this movie to the end, i recommend you this, it's a cool story, and music too.