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About my favorite Operating Systems

I have a few computers that i use almost every day, so i use them for different situations, so maybe i can tell about this.


I like it because maybe it's the most useful operating system, when you don't have Internet connection. It's have a few desktop enviroments, and full KDE software bundle, a lot of screensavers from XScreenSaver, MyPaint-brushes for GIMP, different programming and markup languages and other. You have 15GB of software, and can choice what to use, before installation. If you're advanced Linux user, i think you could try it.


If you're don't want to just use operating system for personal computer only - i think it's the best option. First of all, it's Ubuntu-based, so you have user-friendly experiance, but it's independent distribution, you don't have Snap and oter junk, jus clean OS for browsing web and writing documents, software. You have a few solutions:

Every distro have Linux libre kernel, and trademark free Firefox, so it's recommended by GNU and being used by Richard Stallman.

Microsoft Windows 7

I take estethical pleasure from this operating system. It's design perfect, like every element is on the right place. It's have a basic software bundle, like videoplayer and text editor, but comparing to Linux, it's not so functional. Anyway, you can customize it adding gadgets to your desktop, and changing themes, sounds and screensavers. I also like Windows Media Center, because it's have the most beautiful design, that i ever seen on media centers.


Something between Slackware and Trisquel. You can download "Desktop" iso image, that have a few desktop enviroments options, and server/terminal productivity. So, you have enough software for experiments with Linux without Internet connection. I use it on my main notebook.