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My favorite software

Last time i didin't use my computer so usually, but i have a few programs, that i want to see on every computer i use.


It's just one of the best software i ever seen. With this you can explore space and planets, make some researchers and calculations, and have fun with built-in scripts, that can make from your's Stellarium screensaver! I think, it's one of the best way to have fun with friends.


A simple sequencer, that have a lot of presets, samples and a few plugins. You also can extend it with VST plugins. Yes, maybe it's not so cool, as FL Studio, but here is you have samples, patches, and example songs preinstalled too.


If i want to take experiments with sound, i conect Helm to my LMMS as VTS-plugin. It's have a lot absolutley free for use synthesizers, and you can create own.


It's a simple DAW for making 8-bit/Chiptune music. I think, also it's the best DAW for beginning, just because you have limitations, and can concentrate on making music. You can found tutorials on official YouTube channel, or explore buitin example songs in DAW.


Pascal - maybe the only progrmming language, that don't give bad feelings. It's have everything you need, and easy to work with it. I don't know, why there is so much negative to Pascal. comparing to C, it's a lot more easy to understand and work with. It's have the same portability as C.

Lazarus it's not just IDE, it's also a few libraries, written by Lazarus Project. I don't understand, why it's so hard for other IDEs and languages to do like this, it's have everything you need in almost every programming profession. They are have OpenGL api, that just works, without installing anything, like in C with Glut. You just say IDE to use GL module in project settings.


That's the best text editor that i ever seen. Comparing to Sublime Text, it's absolutley free for use and written on Pascal. It's have built-in package manager, themes, and a lot of customization options. This website being written with CudaText.


Free and opensource version of Aseprite. Works very well for me. Sometimes i like to draw some simple animations and pictures. Also have a lot of palletes preinstalled, so you can fun with it!


Very useful video editor. It's written on Python, but works very fast, and have a lot of options for your video editing and converting. Sometimes i need to convert Webm to MP4, but ffmpeg works slow, and it's hard to work with multiple files, so i fast can compile a few videos in one, and convert it.


Almost every computer i use have this software, i just cannot imagine operating system without that great collection of screensavers.