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Did you really need IDE to make a huge project?

Today i just want ot analyze my programming expiriance, and discuss, where IDE better, and where worse.

Compiling Projects

For this you don't need to have IDE, you can write code with text editor, and just compile it yourself, or write Makefile, you also can use tmux to don't switch windows every time, you make changes, or just set keybind if you editor can do this.


Modern IDE's have native possability to debug code in interface, that can make this process better for beginners. Personaly, i don't use debugging tools, like GDB, because i don't write something really big, i just write programs for yourself, and somethimes post it on my Codeberg-repository.

Save Time

It is that situation, when IDE is the best, it helps you to write functions faster. It help you to understand, where you made mistake, and fix it before compilation.

You also can use plugins like Emmet, than maybe must-have for every professional web-developer, but i prefare write HTML yourself. With autocomplete you can found a new libraries to lean, just by writing import or #include.

Can IDE help me for learning, if i newbie?

Yes, but remember, that if you write code yourself, wthout any help, you understand 100% of your mistakes, yes, you waste more time, but it's better to waste more time on one thing, and understand 100%, than waste less, and understand 50-60%. If you newbie, you better to try text editor, like Sublime Text, nano, or CudaText (Sublime Text opensource alternative).

Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Another magic, if you just want to write some programs, but you don't know so much about programming, you can try RAD, like Lazarus, that give you possability to easily write graphical interface for you program on Deplhi/Pascal/Objective-Pascal.


As i think, IDE don't make you a good programmer, it's just tool, the same, as programming language, if you want to write code, just write code, every language good, if it's in right hands, the same with IDE, or text editor. For myself i understand, that i don't need IDE, because all i need Mousepad and CudaText have.