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Modern Videogames very problematic

I play now only one game - Minetest, but every time, i play modern videogames, i feel yourself bad. Let's look at some problems.

It's very slow

Now, while i write this post, my brother give me idea to play with him Unturned, i download it, and have 20-30 FPS, on game with primitive graphic, and the same with a lot of games. My computer can run GTA V and Tomb Rider (Remake) with good FPS, but why i have something like this? Look at the best example of good videogame engine - Half Life 2 and Source engine, it runs on every computer with good graphic.

No local/offline multiplayer

Remember games with Split-Screen or LAN-multiplayer? Now it's gone. I have feeling, like peoples have mind like "It's 2023, c'mon! Every have Internet!", but it's not about Internet acess, it's about peoples, what can be better, than play together in one room?

Bloated game engines

I understand, how it's hard to make videogames from scratch, but is we don't have something other, than Unity and Unreal Engine? It's have a lot of functions, that peoples don't need, and developers too.

Modern videogames are boring

Almost every videogame i play - it's default session about few minuites, and i don't like RPG Quests games, really, i close any The Elder Scrolls or Gothic after 10 minuites, i cannot play this. So, i prefare infinite games, like Minecraft, Bejeweled, or Command & Conquer.


The biggest bloat and spyware. Imagine, running Unturned you run VAC + BattleEye, it's crazy, and why do we need this? Better to just trust people. Minetest don't have any anticheat by default, and i meet only one cheater of my life, just don't need to make rating system.

It harms you

Games like "Osu!" can really harm you, i know a lot of friends, that become addicted to this game, and cannot stop, just because rating, they are sometimes agressive of some bad situations. "Osu!" also have always music on background, that harms you dophamine system.

Example of good videogame

I think, that World of Goo, and other games from 2dboy, and Tomorrow Corporation are the best examples. First of all, it's videogames, that very little in size, about a few hundreds megabytes, but it's give you unbelivable feelings, i think, that i replay World of Goo in third time, so it's really cool. Another example - it's that you have a crossplatform game, that work on Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile devices, Xbox, Play Station, Nintendo and others. You can buy this game everywhere - at Steam, GOG, official website, or ask your friend to give a copy of this videogame, because it's DRM-free. It's that perfect situation, when game, that you are like all free from bloatware, and make not for money, but just for fun, from Indie developers, to players, that never leave this games, they are just take a break for a few years, and then come back.