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Tips for newbies in music

Your own chords

You have more options to play music, than standart chords and notes. Like example, in song The Cranberries - Zombie, chords progression looks like this:

	    E     C     G     F#

Looks strange, if you really long play with standart open or barre chords, isn't? And this give your song unique sound. One reason, why this song look like this, it's that Dolores don't have so much knowledges as guitarist, because she is better at vocal. All simple is genius

That's the way of Alternative Rock, a lot of songs in this ganre have experiments like this. Some of artist add a new notes to standart chords, some plays "dead notes", and other experiments with arpeggio.

Chrome Music Lab

If you are newbie in music, it's not so simple to write riffs and melodies, but with Chrome Music Lab, you are have enviroment to make music easier. Some of this experiments is made just for fun, to understand music more, but others, like "Song Maker", "Arpeggios", "Chords" and "Melody Maker" is just one of the best ways to introduce yourself to music. Song Maker is just the best "DAW" for the beginners in composing. Like I am Rock Guitarist, and for me it's hard to make arrangements, or even simple song structure, because i am more into riff composing. But, with Song Maker, i can feel yourself composer, making melodies with bass line, chords, solo, and rythm the same time, and with only one instrument! All is setting up for composing in single scale, so you are always make good melodies, but you can switch between Major, Pentatonic and Chromatic scales, so when you are become better composer, you can create more complex melodies. Anyway, C Major is one of the most beautiful song scales I know. :D

Tune guitar to E-Flat

In this way you strings live longer. As example, last time i change my strings being 4 January of 2023, i do this because i don't have other strings to change, and don't know, where i can buy new. So, the only thing, that can be uncomfortable in first time, that you need to play all one freth higher, but now i am don't have any problems with this, and make from this my specal thing, because sometimes it's boring, that almost in every song E Standart tuning. As Example, Queens of The Stone Age have C Standart tuning on all of theirs songs, and The Pretty Reckless have E-Flat on "Just Tonight".

Listen more to other ganres

As example, if you listen Alternative Rock, you also could try to listen more Classic Rock, Jazz, and other ganres, that can inspire you to experiment with sound.

Try to learn music by ear

When you are play some time with your instrument, it's good experiance to try learn it by ear, it's opens a new horizons of music for you. I don't know, it's have sense to learn something very hard, or full songs. You just can take some riff, or moment from song, and try to play it. The only thing you need to learn - it's how intervals sounds.