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Guide for independency from big corporations

Before i have three articles, that have almost the same topic - human independecy in today's world. So, let's look at some examples, why you should do this, and how

WhatsApp, Telegram

Why do you need a few the same applications on one device? It's not only takes your power, but also make you addicted to smartphone, because you cannot use full functional of applications on PC. Isn't easier to use SMS and MMS, if your friends is connected to the same operator. Now a lot of operators give you unlimited SMS, but peoples don't use it, and prefare bloted alternatives, like official Telegram client, that every year become more and more closed. Also, in context of offline work, your SMS messages always availible on device, and can be exported.

As another way to contact family and friends, i can recommend to just use social media. It's article about addiction to Internet, and social media - it's the biggest reason, why we are become addicted to this. Anyway, if you are use it only for communication, it's a lot better. As example, i can use my notebook with web browser to write some messages to my friends in Discord and Vkontakte, i don't use them for something more, than just chatting. Personally, for me it's better to reduce smartphone use, and just check a few times a day my messages. When i wake up, i cannot acess this websites, so i need to turn on my notebook, to check messages. It's a lot more comfy, than always check smartphone notifications or applications. In this situation, it's a good idea.


Youtube every year become worse. Maybe all knows about problems of "Trending" page, but let's talk about other thing - dominant content on this platform. Every day creators make terabytes of content, some of them is really useful, or just interesting, and some idiotc, like Elsagate, that cannot make your kid better, it's only give them wish to become part of consuming culture, and ask you to buy CocaCola/PepsiCola, and Chips (every family can make it yourself from 2-3 potatos and get a lot more and healthier, than you got from a few packs, that cost not so small money), and other snacks. I can say only one - parents should teach their kid's, not strangers form YouTube, because from Internet kid can only degenerate in this age. YouTube don't show human all, that their parents can. As example, my mother give me possability to help cooking, i peel potatos or carrots with not dangerous knife, and in this way i improve myself physically and have a good time. If my parents cannt be with me, they are give me to my grandmother and grandfather, that also show me a lot of interesting things. If you have enough time, you can teach your kids a lot of things, and they are know important things before school, as my classmate, that in kindergarden can read and write, because he's mother being teacher. So we shouldn't give this industy progression. You also can found a lot of agressive content, where peoples talk about others for hours, throwing this agression in the void, wasting your time.

Perosnally, now i am watch YouTube not so usually, but in childhood, or teenage years, i am been addicted to this website. I waste a lot of my personal time to junk information, but i am very happy with my time, i waste on YouTube, it's also give me a lot of interesitng ideas, way to express myself and got some important knowledges.

I am try a lot of solutions to use YouTube, like this:

All this methods have ther pros and cons, like:

  1. Using YouTube from the official website, you are waste a lot of Internet Traffic
  2. RSS feed is better, but in my regions, YouTube is blocked, so i can only watch it with Invidious.
  3. Invidious, still make you addicted to YouTube, with it's recommendation algorithms, and infinite Subscription feed.
  4. With yt-dlp, you have full control under your downloads, you can do all you want, but it's takes so much disk space (And, did you really want to store videos, that maybe you watch 1-2 times only?)

So... I think, i found something middle beetween all this methods - it's just store channels, playlists, and videos in text document. When you are watch some video, and if you think, it's been useful or interesting, you can add it to list. Have database like this, you can make your personal video collection, that can give to other person, or just randomly choice content, to watch. It's better, to write something in list, then always browsing YouTube, trying to found the newes and most actual information, that can be not interesting in a few days or months.

I also have a meme, that can help find you the best alternative to YouTube. :D


Supporting Google - it's supporting not only domination in search engines, but also other services like eMail, video hosting. This company makes so much to make you depend on it's, and see every person use it. The best, that you can do - it's store your personal data on local storages:

Also, you can use services like Disroot, that have the same functions, like online documents, cloud storage, and eMail. You have 2GB of free space, and i think, it's enough to services like this. You also can buy more space.


It's great to have websites on hard drive, to acess interesting and important information without Internet-connection. Not all websites can be download with full functional, but you can use wget for this:

wget --tries 10 -N --continue --progres=bar --force-directories --no-check-certificate --recursive --convert-links --mirror --page-requisites --strict-comments --execute robots="off" {url}

Anyway, you also can just make a text document with your favorite websites, so you don't need to download websites, and take disk space.

Also, you can just use your browser webpages downloader, if you don't need to download all website.

Web Browser

If you are using all your websites locally, so i think you can don't care about your browser.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

It's way of social control, if you have possability, delete your accounts, all this websites are bloated, control your time, and don't give possability to create, only consume. I don't hate artists, that post their's works on this media, but it's being better, if they are have personal blog, where you don't need to connect to a lot of trackers to just view image, if you have contact with them, recommend this alternative, maybe they are see in this something good. So, for today a lot of artists have personal website, and with every year it's more and more. Yes, we have some progression in industry of Internet. When you drop all this, you see, how much time being waste on something useless, that you can live without.

You can read this blog post from Mozilla, to understand more about deleting social media accounts.

But social media have a good side - almost every person have account on social networks, so it's the easiest way to talk with people. Now i have account to talk with my Internet and real life friends in one place. If you are don't use addictive sides of social media, it's fine. Personally for myself, now i am not so usual user Internet, so it's make a good changes in my life. It's better, than have five the same software on your device.


As person from countryside, i eat fastfood only one time in life, but i understand how big this industry. This food not healthy, and every time, you buy some burger, you should understand, that this meat of killed animal. As i know, to kill them on farm, people use Captive Bolt Pistol, just try to undertsnad, how this is, feel, that you have bolt inside your brain, before die with a lot of pain. We shouldn't kill so much animals, we should love them, and drop this awful industry, you can make food yourself, it's being cheeper, and more healthy. I also know, that this industry connected with CocaCola, and PepsiCo(la), so they are make people feel bad together. Wendy's, McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, and that's only the most popular examples.

On internet, you can find a lot of cooking websites, or shows, so it's a lot easier to try this at home. As example, this is a good website: Based Cooking.


The worst social media, because it's destroy you from inside, you cannot concentrate, you can consume a lot of videos, and don't understand this, you make you life worse with this source of bad dophamine. This social media have no alternatives, just drop this as faster, as you can, i happy, that never have account on it, and don't want all this, i need only understand, what i need.

There is no exception on reasons, why you should delete TikTok.


All of us have individual bundle of software, we are use, but if you are want to try something new, i can recommend you to your's OS standard software bundle. Almost every distro have all the most important, you need to just work with computer:

You are not only free disk space, but also minizie your work with computer. When you have all software preinstalled, i think it's also reduce time, you are waste on ssetting up, and maybe found something more interesting in real life.

As a good variant, i also can give Tails OS, it's Linux distribution, which have a lot of software preinstalled in 1.4GB size of iso image. So, you always can take your USB flash drive, and use comfy enviroment on friend's computers.

News sites

you see only propaganda, politic, and bad news, that dismotivate, you don't read news, you read junk, that don't required by minimal life, I don't care of world's propaganda.

Fox, Paramount, Universal Pictures, Warner Music Group, Sony Music

Interesting thing, but maybe you see, that almost all music and movies is owned by this corporations. It's hard to found independent works now, and maybe, it's not so hard to watch movies and listen to this music, but remember people, that being sacrifice of this industry.