Attension! As QTBrowser's, i name three of the popular web-browsers on QTWebEngine (Otter Browser, KDE Falkon, and Qutebrowser), i don't test other browsers, made with this engine, but you can tell me about others!

Why i love QTWebEngine Browsers

1. It's simple to setting up and use

QTBrowser's is easy to setting up, you don't need to edit the config, like in Firefox(Otter Browser has extanded functions, in about:config), to delete spyware (QTBrowser's don't have spyware functions), or show hidden functions. I use Qutebrowser, and it's have active community on Reddit, where you can find help.

2. You have minimum problems, when surfing the Internet

QTWebEngin is based on Chromium Engine (Blink), and this is good, because for today, Google - is leader in Web Browser, and most of sites work best with Blink.

3. Don't need to install adblock

All of the famous QTBrowser's have built-in AdBlock, who can work with ADB lists. yes, it's can't be goodest, than uBlock Origin, but it's too not bad.

4. You can use proxy

QTBrowser's have built-in proxy, and it's good, because Firefox browsers don't have it, and need to install extansions (It's possible, because Chromium have this function).

5. Appearance settings

You can change mostly, of the interface elements. You can edit toolbar, edit default font's, change panel's position, install custom themes, or just disable all interface element's, and focus only on page.

6. You can use custom user-script's

You have possablility, to built-in you script, and use it. As example, i make a redirect to free front-end of the popular sites, like Invidious, and Libreddit. Also, you can use GreaseMonkey scripts, who have active community, and script's database on OpenuserJS.

Bad Sides:

1. Don't have good JS-blocker's

QTBrowser's don't have extansions like uMatrix, it can only disable JS on all sites, or enable it, where it need, and give some permisstion's limit to JS.

Useful Links:

KDE Falkon extansion store (contain's script's from Google).
Qutebrowser Libreddit page.
Otter Browser website.
[Qutebrowser] [KDE Falkon] [Otter Browser] on Spyware Watchdog


If you want to translate, or add something, you can make commit on my Codeberg repository. Thank's for reading me and help!