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How to make your life feels better

Today peoples always do something, like reading news, chatting, watch social media, and etc...

So, we are don't taking a break, when we should. Sometimes it's need to stop. Let's try to take a new breath of life.


This thing is take a lot of your time. YouTube, news, social media - it's take their beginning from smartphones.

Just agree, that you are use computer not to watch all of this things, just because it feels more harder. Just make some experiment:


While we are being disconnected from Internet and mobile network for 7 days, i feel a lot of bad feelings. This feels like i'm addicted to something harder, than just network. But this situation teach me, that almost all information on Internet is useless I am being alone, only with my mother, a few websites, i download, and a little collection of YouTube videos. This help me, and after 6 days, I start to read literature, and do a lot of other things with great feelings.

In one moment i am understand the real mean of "boring".

And my conclution, is that Internet take our power and exchange it to fun, so download important or fun things for offline use, and unplug, if you want to feel some new emotions.

Take a break

I recommend to take a break from work every hour, for 15 minuites, because we are not robots, we have feelings, and things, like "headache".

It's better to just break in silance, without smartphone, music, or videogames, because it's the same work. You also can sleep this time.

Self-Limitation can help you

If you are limit yourself to something simple in art, or maybe some technology, you are trying to make the best things only with this basics. Let's look at some examples:

Minimalism and Complexity

All we know about minimalism and productivity trends, but they are can be harmful for you.

As example, minimalism - it's a good way of life, because it's life without unecessary things, but if our enviroment is too minimal, we are start to fall in depression, because we see not so much around us.

There is some tips from me:

Here is screenshot of my Slackware linux

A little example of my beautiful and minimal XFCE desktop :D

You are use computer for work and fun, so please, don't setting up it's every day, you are don't get some new knowledges about computers, but you are waste a lot of time.

Creating your comfy enviroment

When we are understand more about some of my habits, that make me happier, let's start to make your own enviroment.

Take a notepad, and write something, find some ways to have fun with it. After, write the list of bad things for you, like this:

  1. Smartphone
  2. Life

This is your self-portrait, to see side of bad emotions. Work on it, but don't take it too serious and radical.

It's also important to make your personal backpack with important things. It's very useful and easy to find all things in one place. If i need to leave my house, it's very useful thing. Also, if yours backpack is large enough, like mine, you can take some memories and other fun things. Personally, i have all my usb flash drives, my HDD and copybooks.

Find a new hobby

I am like to play music and programming. But sometimes, when i want to take a break, i cannot, just because it's my only interests. When i don't play music instrument, i listen to music, when i don't programming, i am still use computer. If you are feel like this so long, you are going crazy. So, recently i understant, that you can find something new, that don't take so much time, but give you a time to break. Sometimes i like to draw some pixelart sketches, it's so relaxing and simple thing. You also should try to found something, it's also can help you in hard times.

Silence is golden

In era of (video)bloggers, so much people talks about their personal life and almost every actions they are done, and i am not exception. In my diary you can read a lot of personal things, that better to keep in secret. But anyway, when you are don't talk so much about your plans and actions, you can concentrate on your ideas, progress, and show result only when you get done your work.

Some fun game

It is simple, but very fun. You need to paint 5x6 grid with circles, and paint some objects around them. It's give you a lot of fun, and a good way to "kill time", if you need this.

My example

Help your eyes and spine

The easiest way to do this - just make font size on your computer as large, as possible, in this way you can sit back from monitor, and in better position for spine.

Thanks this website for recommendation.