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Why you should stop watch TV

I think, that today - TV become the worst source of information, and here is a few reasons, why i think so.

Less and less interesting shows

Starting from 2000's, or 90's, TV become a place for consuming information, that with time become more useless. Like example, TV in USSR have a lot of interesting shows, where scientist shows computers, and algorithms of it's work, and where computers being used, including videogames, science, and school. But, i think now we are don't seen something like this, because every time, you watch TV, you see infinite serials and TV shows. In this time, 50% of all, what I see - it's 24/7 news with propaganda.

Did we have solution?

Now, almost every program on USSR TV being archived on YouTube, and other platfroms. So, I think you can download intersting shows from YouTube, and watch them on your TV, with a big display. Also, not only old things archived, a lot of today's show have uploaded on YouTube or other platforms, so you have choice. I think, it's easier to download all interesting to you, put it on USB flash drive, and watch on big screen, than watch a lot of commercial every 30 minuites, that in my situation can be for 15 minuites on almost every channel. Yes, it's crazy.

Other alternatives