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Computers become hard and useless

Last month i have a bad mood without a reason, and in this time i going deep in "philosophy", or something like this. I think alot about our traditions as human, some people's abstractions, and bloat/hardening of computers and it's software. Maybe, i can think wrong, but anyway, i just blogger.

Computers make a lot more, than it's most important function

The most primitive computer - it's any tool, that help you to do some mathematical and number operations. Today's computers have possability to customize it's functionality with programming languages to write new algorithms. Maybe, i say about this on so basic level, but today we do more, than mathematical operations, we talk with computers, store photos, watch videos and movies. So, it's not bad, but so much today's software, or "modules", as i can name them in context of this do more, than just play video, or give us possability to write text. We are consume tonn of videos with YouTube, that can be named as "software depanding on other software", we are use Instagram to chat in "Direct", and post photos, "stories". Looks like something big, but we cannot remove all this, our world depend on this.
A few day ago i've got a new notebook with Windows 10, while i use it, it's download some updates, that i don't require for. In some time, it's donwload a lot of useless soft, like video-editor, Microsoft Office, Skype, some XBox components. I think, that Xubuntu or Slackware with XFCE have the same experiance, but more minimal, and simple. Anyway, i think that Microsoft's NT core not so bad. It's really unique thing, because all other OS - Unix. I think, that Windows 7 is perfect, because i love it's estethic.


The Operating System of Computer, or one of the most important components. It's problem, that it's so hard to reinstall it or install something other. I cannot just put USB Flash Drive, and install LibreBoot, or other. So, it's also have closed source, that don't give me possability to understand, what BIOS can do on my computer. With UEFI and EFI install work with computer become more harder, and i don't understand this design of settings menu, it's awful, i love simplicity.


Maybe, concept of WI-FI not so bad, but peoples use it wrong. Almost all peoples use it as source of Internet connection, and that's bad, because we can get Internet acess from any place, so we are become more lazy. Also, i don't like, that it's need to install firmware and have WI-FI module, to make it work, so i just connected to Internet with Ethernet in my LAN-port, all works fast and without any problems.

Internet is boring and harmful

Internet can be a good place, if big corporations don't dominate on it. It's place for peoples like you, and me, not big buisness. It's place, where peoples can share their's minds with other, like i do, or create paintings, music, and movies.
Also, Internet - it's first of all a big library, but now it's not like that, now fun and consooming is in priority. It's being great, if we have less websites, but more useful and without bloatware. Maybe, moderation - it's against of freedom of speech, but there is a lot sites, that copy other sites, don't have sense (i'm talking not about art-projects), or dangerous at all. Anyway, i want to create a local Internet for my friends, now save some interesting things to make my own local network with videogames, movies, music, YouTube Channels, guides, and my favorite websites.

Physical things become worthless

That's why Internet is harmful. Now we can get a song in a seconds, we are don't need go to the market, and buy CD or Vinyl, but is it better? Now we are don't feel that, when you are buying some book, and re-reading it a few times, re-listen and listen to albums for a long time. Now we are just open software, and play it, and we are cannot get acess to our libray without electricity. When you are have a CD copy, you can copy it on you computer. Also, if you buy physical copy, you get a bonuses like Musical Videos, booklets, and sometimes toys, like Alice In Chais do this with "Jar of Flies". The same can be as physical callendar, diary, notepad, photoalbum. Personally, i sad, that's now library not so popular, because it's really source of infinite knowledges, not Internet, where you should sort information, and stay at screen all day, to understand something.

Computer require a lot of money

Today's computer software, like videogames require a really good hardware, that cost a lot for me, like people from countryside. Today it's not enough to have 4GB of RAM, or 1GB of GPU Memory. And not only for videogames, bloated websites like YouTube lags on this configuration.

It's better to just don't use it

Yes, it's the best solution. And i don't say, that "you should trash your computer", i just give you idea to minimize work with them. Last days i visit my notebook rearly, and now have a very minimal workplace with TTY, lynx, and nano. It's how we are can use computers, for work with documents and text, i don't think, we need something bigger, than this basic functionality. I also have Minetest installed, but don't think, that i play it usually, than few times a month. Try to found another thing, that you are like, like i found music for myself. I have an old Samsung TV of 2012-2013, and all it's interface is samailar, but in computers it's harder, because not all software support custom CSS stylesheet.