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favorite videogames

I play videogames starting from first years of my life, and i rememember, that my first videogame being Quake (or some modification of it). So, after this experiance i start to explore this strange and interesting world.

Command & Conquer

It's my favorite videogame series ever, and i love this game becuase it's simple, you don't need to learn too much, to just play, you just can start play it, if you never play before, or too much time don't play. You just need to build base, and defend/attack. You can make a powerful ships, tanks and planes, or build superweapon. Almost all game from this series have a good story, If you complete game, you can play skirmish with bots or friends, where you have a lot of options to customize you game expiriance. Here is a lot of official, and millions of user map's, where you play near cities, or islands with crocodiles/giant ants, or dinosaurus. Now you can easily try to play it with OpenRA, opensource source-port, and you don't need to buy game copy, all you need - just download assets from videogame menu.

Pocket God

A cool time-killer for you mobile device, you have a lot of ways to have fun on islands.

Bejeweled 3

Just a good match-three game, i like it, and play sometimes. It's have a lot of modes, so you are always can find something fun.

Slice HD Lite

Free version of Slice HD, with all leavels unlocked. I can't said too much about this game, just try to play it, or watch gameplay on YouTube.

Balance (A Cyparade game)

One of my favorite videogames, it's not so hard, but good to just play. Some period of my childhood i really usually play it. Now you can download this game on Internet Archive for free.

Tap the Frog

It's being on my mother's old Android phone, it's set of minigames, that you can play single, or with friend's, you got coins, and for this coins you can give you frog a new cool look! :D

Cut the Rope

Famous game, i don't think, that i need to say something about this game.

Empress of the Deep 1-3

One of the most beautiful games, that i ever see, i just can't said, how cool this design, you just need to see that, almost every location, that i seeing here, i want to set it to my computer's background, but sad, i can't remove Interface element's to take a screnshot. I really recommend you to find gameplay's, and watch first and second part play through's.

Dewy's Adventure

One of that childhood games, you play on your Java Phone, with warm atmosphere, music, and interesting, the same time simple gameplay!


I like almost every game from Valve Software, but Portal take a warm place in my heart. You can complete this game in a few hours, but also you have achivements, bonus levels and developers commentary. After you complete this game, you can check Portal 2, that also have co-op, that really fun to play with friends. You also can play community maps, like this.