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Why you should try to make personal website

Reading my blog, or maybe other bloggers, you have a question "Is there any purpose of this website?", and my answer - There isn't :D

All, that I am doing, in the first place - this is for fun. But, maybe sometimes you think about make your own?

Maybe, you are in doubt, that you are have nothing to say. And I understand that feeling, i make this website, and write my first article about my favorite opensource videogames, and now, i am write a lot...

this open up a new horizons

Creating website, you are become well-rounded person in natural way.

When you are create a basic page, usually, it's been a simple HTML page, and maybe, a little bit CSS-styles. You are write your first article, and with time, update it, or write new.

With time, you'll notice, that if you are write articles on non-native language, as me, you'll start talking and writing better. You'll start use more words, more complex language constructions, and understand it better

In future, you'll want to make a cool new design for website, and you are learn some HTML and CSS cool feature, that you didn't know before. Maybe, in future you are also learn programming...

This is just a few examples from my life. Maybe, you are want to make website about cooking, painting? In Internet, you are free to express yourself, even if you are only start yourlearning path.

new views on life

Sure, if you are make your own website, you don't change yourself from the inside, and lose your interests, no! :D

But... I make this blog, when i being on online school study, i don't have social media, and i have really a lot of time, that i waste watching YouTube, at this moment, i lose almost all my real life and Internet-friends, i being really bored and sad, i am just want to have fun a little.

With time i understand, that it's also a way of documenting myself, to see, how i am change my view on life.

As example, in past, i make posts about privacy, but with time, i start to see the same thing at the different angle - things should give us happiness. We are don't need private social media, or privacy 200% opensource smartphone, we are need to talk to people.

In attempts to write new articles, i understand, that it's really helps to improve memory, and personal views on things, like you see much more around you, you start to have personal opinion.

Blog it's not only a place for writing about yourself, show own views, but also the way to help yourself. Sometimes, when i feel tired, my blog being one of that few things, that help me to express my feelings.

Having own blog, you can write posts when it's comfort for you, not social media, that have algorithms, that require productivity from you, to stay popular. No, it's community of people, that even after a year of inactivity still remember about you (I still read website's, who's owners being inactive for about two years).

You can write post at any time, when it's comfy for you, when you are full of aspire!

And it's alot fun, than waste time on social media, like mute your minds and feelings with infinite news feed.

it's really easy!

Now it's really easy to create own website, and show it to people, even if you are don't know, how to code, or even don't have a computer, only smartphone.

All, you need - it's to create account on Neocities, then you have you first simple website.

If you are never work with websites, you are need to know HTML, but don't worry, it's not so hard, you'll just need to learn the basic ideas of this markup language, like placing header, or inserting image. Mozilla Developer Network tutorial can help you, even if you have very basic knowledges of working with computer.

In this way, you can communicate with other bloggers, and Neocities users, because Neocities - it's also a social network.

Maybe, you are don't know, what topic you wish to use as main? Don't worry, when i start, i also have a doubt, but you can write about anything, because here is really friendly community!

But please, do not discuss politic, racism, or any other forms of agression, because Internet - it's International and Cosmopolitan place.

Written: 23.04.2024
Last edit: 23.04.2024