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Winter in my life

Today is 1 December, and every year this is one of the most important periods of my life. Every Winter for me it's like new brath of life, possability to review my ideas, and found something new in life. Sadly, last 5-6 years we don't have a real snow, but I hope, this time we see something beautiful. I don't want to make some plans for 2024, because in result, I've got something another. And also, I want to store my feelings, plans and ideas inside my mind, until I've done them.

Look at the window! Didn't you see something? Maybe, winter is not in every part of the planet, but is we cannot take joy of current time? This is the best time to look inside yourself, your mind, and try to found something more interesting, than getting everyday junk from mass media and Internet.

Perosnally, now I am enjoy of writing down something in my copybook, diary and sometimes write this thoughts for this website. Anyway, I still use Internet very usual, because I feel yourself always lonely, just because I found my comfort in this enviroment. I am always open for dialogue, so you can write me, and we can talk about something. Now we have broken communication infrastructure, so I can connect to the Internet only with my mother's mobile phone. But this is great time, becasue now i am writing this without Internet, and I found something fun to justt watch documentary about Irish lighthouses, or trying to found some interesting settings in my devices, or found new words in dictionaries, while translate song titles from music album.

Also, this is your life, so try to found something interesting for you this winter. I think, it's being really fun to try yourself in painting, video/photo edit, or even create your own website?

New Year and Christmas eve is always being very important time, with it's unique atmosphere, movies, music, and fun time with friends, family. World in this time really changes, peoples become happier, and this is the moment, when we can forget all the relationship problems, and just have fun.

Written: 01.12.2023
Last edit: 01.12.2023