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What i understand, while live one week without Internet

This is archive article, that written in period from 30 May to ~ 5-6 June of 2022, so information can be outdated.

About a week ago, 30 May i lose Internet acess, and we are lose contact with my father.

I don't need Internet at home

When i start to doing something, i have things, that cannot give me concentrate, like music sometimes, i have some time, when i just listen to music, and do nothing. I have alot of things like offline music, websites, books, cartoons, and etc... I feel comfy, and can connect to Internet only when i need to update offline information, or download something, that i need, i write this things my notes.


This is the only thing, that i need from Internet everywhere, i don't have so much friends, and that peoples is interesting, and i can trust them. Messangers like IRC or XMPP have logging for offline-use, that give me possability to read our messages offline.

My mind

It's being right, when i said, that i clear my mind from junk, and being 24/7 free for my hobbies. I start think about things that can be called as "Topics, that can be discussed forever", or "Questions that don't have answers", and maybe, i found answers for myself.

Bye, bye, YouTube!

YouTube being second thing (after music), that takes a lot of my time. I don't know, when my favorite bloggers post a new video. About a year i watch YouTube with Invidious. I clear my enviroment.

A lot of free time

I live with my mother now, and yesteday we are clear a big part of our house, we are found a many uselles thing's, that we store for year's, and don't use :0, now our house is more simply, my desk is have only important thing's now.

You're not lezy!

When i leave Internet, now my hand is want to take a book, now reading become like relaxation for me, i have interest to learn Linear Algebra now, today i reading a book about Unix from Rob Pike and Brain Kernigan, and i found some useful Unix-command's for me, i have now a more productive time-managment, when i surf Internet every day, i can go to sleep at 01:00 , 02:00, and wake up in 11:00 12:00. Now i go to sleep at 23:00, and don't sleep so much, and have much more energy in the morning.

Maybe, it's being better, if i don't being connected to Internet at home, but i need to have contact with my family and friend's. I remember, that Luke Smith said in video, that he don't have Internet at home, and Petar Yotsev is also support this.