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A few words about me

Hello, my reader! I'm Daniil, a blogger, that trying to make some articles about computers, my personal life and art (mostly about music). This blog - it's archive of minds and researches, made by me. Anyway, i never get into borders, and i like to experiment with anything, that i've take into my hands. Also, i am a very big fan of Spongebob Squarepants franchise, and my favorite character - it's Patrik Star! :D

I want to give a little memory to Stephen Hillenburg, that give me so much, starting from first month of my life, to this day. Thank you for your work, and influence on me.

My interests

Most part of my life i'm write some programs (usually simple), and play my acoustic guitar:

guitar picture

Cort AD810

When I want to take a break from my hobbies, I take almost anything in my hands, like drawing.

I like listen to music so much, and my favorite music - it's alternative and experimental. Here is list of my the most influential artists, that give me interest to learn music:

Also, i am a tea lover, and every time I drink it, i feel yourself better. I like, how much variation of tea you can get, just adding some ingridients, like lemon, mint, milk, or sugar (but i'm not a big fan of sugar, because it's takes out my energy).

In free time, I like to play Pony Town, Minetest, and Rollercoaster Tycoon. If you want, we can play together, just write me on my eMail.

My main goal - it's to make a comfy website, where peoples will feel yourself like at home, talking with friend.

Here is another things, that i like:

You always can write me with some questions or just with wish to talk by this link.