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Ways to contact with me

Русская версия

This page helps you to find a few methods to write me a message, and take some dialogue with me.


It's the most comfy way to write me. Everyone have eMail. This method support offline messages.

My address:


IRC, Internet Relay Chat - it's very simple and minimal way to chat. To use it, you should only enter your's nickname. I am always availible at server You can find me at rooms #chat-ru and #chat by nickname jni.


XMPP maybe one of the best alternative to messangers. So, i think you feel yourself pretty comfortable here. If you don't have account at XMPP, i recommend you to use Disroot's provider service. They are also have a lot other services, like cloud storage, mail service, and other software to take some collective work.

My main address:

My secondary address:

Please, sometimes revisit this webpage to have up-to-date information. I can lose my accounts at any time, and Neocities too.