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Hello! it's my blog about computer's and life!

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Is you really need IDE to make a huge projects?
Windowmaker review
I know better alternative to Vim!
SMPlayer - The best multimedia player, that i use
ED2k/Kad - Better, than torrent's?
Solution's, that make you independent from big corporation's


No Internet Guide
Watch and Store Youtube Playlist's Locally


Stop support big corporations!
How to support independent Web, if i have my website?
My favorite YouTube channel's


My Favorite Videogames
Opensource Videogames


TTY, or a good alternative to window manager's
Why i love Slackware so much?


My Art Review's
Tabs don't make you a good guitarist
My favorite album covers
Really good underground art


Wa are all addicted
Why you should stop watch TV
I think, i should review my relationship with music
What i do to being productive and full of energy all day
What i understand, while live one week without Internet
Tips for Life and Privacy

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